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With the harsh environment, we pay more and more attention to the changes of the environment. The promulgation of the European Union’s ban on plastic can be described as a leavening agent, allowing everyone to see the import-ance of environmentally friendly disposable cutlery instead of plastic cutlery.

Among the many environmentally friendly tableware materials, bamboo and wood are two raw materials that can be described as 100% pure natural materials without any additions. And it’s also 100% compostable.

As a manufacturer of environmentally friendly tableware and bamboo skewers with 10 years of experience, the additional product certificates such as BRC, BSCI, etc. are not the most eye-catching, but the rich experience in production and packaging, and the concept of continuous development of new products are the most valuable.

From entering our website to browsing here, I believe that something about us must have touched you. Whether you are interested in our products or want to comment on us, we welcome it.

I believe that with your participation, our JFB CRAFT will go better. Let us also work together for the cause of environmentally friendly catering supplies.

Office address: 316-318 Room, #C Building, HeHuan Rd, Hefei City, China.

Factory address:  Wuxian Town, Shucheng Country, Anhui Province, China.

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