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World Cup Football Appetizer picks and Gameday food decoration skewers: Being unable to play football does not affect our sense of participation

FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, in the face of various score reversals,how to reflect our sense of participation During the recent #WorldCup in Qatar, which has attracted much attention, Chinese netizens laughed at themselves: “Except for the Chinese football team, everyone else has gone”Why do you say that?The development of the Chinese men’s soccer team […]

How do I save money with wholesale catering supplies?

What are catering Supplies Catering supplies, as the name suggests, are the equipment used in catering, dinner plates, tableware, food decoration supplies etc.Among them, except for catering equipment, other catering supplies mostly belong to the disposable category. Among the disposable catering supplies, with the implementation of the plastic ban, increasing use of biodegradable disposables. There […]

Welcome to JFB CRAFT

We are a catering & disposable catering supplies from China. In addition, we currently also provide customized services for Amazon, eBay and other C-end sellers: Such as the paper cups & coffee stirrers; the sugarcane bagasse plates and biodegradable cutleries; Such as the cake paper liners & decoration picks; the bamboo steamer with paper liners. […]

What is the disposable wooden cutlery?

Disposable wooden cutlery is now playing an increasingly important role in our daily dining habit. 01 Made of 100% birch wooden JJust what says it is, the spoon, knife, and fork are all made from wood. And our wooden raw materials are all imported from Latvia. Wooden cutleries are now replacing the plastic ones that […]